From the recording WINGS OF LOVE

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This is a Christmas song about God sending His son...


Greatest Story of Love Every Told
VERSE 1: Like the wind, I’m not sure how it started,
This feeling deep inside me, this love I can’t contain
All I know is, the hurt it’s now departed
Your spirit lives inside me, you’ve washed away my pain

CHORUS: And the Angels sing Glory Hallelujah,
As the father is waiting down the road
And the Angels sing Glory Hallelujah
The greatest story of love ever told

VERSE 2: God sent His Son, in the form of a baby,
To bring us home again, to set the story right
As shepherds watched, there King inside a manger
Born in Bethlehem on that special sacred night.

VERSE 3: With my mind I can’t explain your Glory,
How you changed the heart of man, you’ve taken all my shame
Through your Son, His death upon the cross.
You made the final stand, so I’ll never be the same

(Words & Music By Benjamin Thomas)