1. TRUTH

From the recording WINGS OF LOVE

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I woke up one day and realized that what I was taught, was a lie! And everything that was taught a lie - was the truth.



VERSE 1: When I look back younger days,
I tried so hard to change my ways
Livin high on life as hurt got on my way
Wanting just to feel I belonged,
In a world that sings an old sad song
To anyone that would listen to its ways

BRIDGE: On the edge of the darkness I found you.
What I thought was a lie became the truth

CHORUS: Oh God you are my king, you are my everything
You are the reason why, I sing this song of truth
LEAD : (Verse, Bridge)
VERSE 2: Now my days are filled inner peace
I no longer feel the fleshly need
To look for ways to find some release
From a life that’s filled no regard
For a world that has a broken heart
A world that is blind but cannot see
CHORUS: (Twice) (Words & Music By Benjamin Thomas)