From the recording JUBAL

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This is a song for those going through storms...



From time to time the storms of life, must fall upon my way
Though I may get bruised and battered, I still stumble through the daty
Though the stormy seas may take my boat, and turn it upside down
By faith I somehow stay afloat, for my God wont let me drown

Sometimes we struggle to survive according to His will
But Oh my friends how good it feels
To climb atop that hill

Sometimes the winds not add our backs, but still we run the race
Sometimes my nights are cold and black, but still I seek His face
For once the storm has run it's course, a rainbow shall appear
The promise of the Lord of all, that He is always near

We can't avoid the storms of life,there is no place to hide
But faith provides a guiding light, where angels still abide

So run the race, seek His will seek His face