From the recording JUBAL

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I wrote this song for the world's throw- aways...



VERSE: Today I passed a brother, going down a flight of stairs
His look was lost and lonely, its as if he didn’t care
I could feel the pain, that only comes real clear
When you’ve lived your life out on the streets
Painful year after year

CHORUS: So, I look to you my brother, with a teardrop in my eye
Wondering if you will ever learn
That that empty place inside you, you can cast that pain aside
And come to Jesus, that’s Gods concern, His most valid concern

VERSE: Today I traveled on a bus through concrete jungle land, jungle land
I was looking at once was us, and wishing I could just give a hand
Sometimes we hang on too long, we put our trust in man, trust in man
Never leaving our comfort Zone, its as if we just don’t understand

VERSE: That JESUS he bared our shame, He took it to the cross, to the cross
So, your lives will never be the same, and that one soul won’t be lost